Running Hildon Applications

Running and debugging Hildon Applications

Since Python Hildon is an extension of PyGtk which is build on top of GTK+, all Python Hildon applications support the same standard commandline options and inspect the same environment variables that PyGtk and GTK+ applications does. To know more about this, read Running GTK+ Applications

If you are running a Python Hildon application on a Scratchbox target remember to call it with so it can use the system theme.

$ ./

Mailing lists and bug reports

Filing a bug report or feature request

If you encounter a bug, misfeature, or missing feature in Hildon, please file a bug report on . File those against the “PyMaemo” product of the “Extras” group.

Don’t hesitate to file a bug report, even if you think we may know about it already, or aren’t sure of the details. Just give us as much information as you have, and if it’s already fixed or has already been discussed, we’ll add a note to that effect in the report.

The bug tracker should definitely be used for feature requests, it’s not only for bugs. We track all PyMaemo and Hildon development in Bugzilla, so it’s the way to be sure the PyMaemo and Hildon developers won’t forget about an issue.

Submitting Patches

If you develop a bugfix or enhancement for Hildon, please file that in Bugzilla as well. Bugzilla allows you to attach files; please attach a patch generated by the diff utility, using the -u option to make the patch more readable. All patches must be offered under the terms of the GNU LGPL license, so be sure you are authorized to give us the patch under those terms.

If you want to discuss your patch before or after developing it use the PyMaemo mailist. But be sure to file the Bugzilla report as well; if the patch is only on the list and not in Bugzilla, it’s likely to slip through the cracks.

Mailing lists

The mailing list for PyMaemo can be found at There are also several mailing lists dedicated to Maemo platform and related libraries as Hildon. You can find more information on mailing lists at .