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About PyMaemo

Python for Maemo (PyMaemo for short) was brought to the public at end of 2005 by INdT. It is the result of an effort to provide Python programming language support on Maemo Platform. PyMaemo is designed to have a smaller size and has some optimizations to be more responsive in Maemo based devices. Among this, there is a constant effort to increase the number of modules available on the platform. Putting all together, it provides a better alternative for fast prototyping and programming in Maemo environment besides the C programming language.



Mailing Lists

You can use the PyMaemo list to ask your question or search in your archives for some questions answered in the past.


Reporting Bugs

The Maemo bugzilla can be used for reporting issues or sending patches to existing bugs or new features.


IRC Chanel

Be part of this growing community! Get in contact with PyMaemo community through mailing list or #pymaemo channel at Freenode.


Wiki pages

The PyMaemo wiki pages is an area in which community members can easily contribute with new proposals and ideas.

For developers

The PyMaemo source code repository, web site and mailing lists are hosted on Maemo Garage. See the garage project page for the available resources. Developers will be probably interested only on the instructions on how to access our Subversion repository.

Note that the following resources should not be used anymore, and remain available just for archival purposes: